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I am Albert Stout, an investment advisor representative and a licensed fiduciary.  I have put together a series of short videos to help you with your retirement.  The videos are for ages 55 to 80, whether you are planning your future retirement or are already retired.

Too many people just let their retirement happen.  They try to accumulate as much as possible (their big bag of money), and then they just let retirement happen.  They do not transition from the accumulation phase of building their assets to the preservation and distribution phase needed for retirement.  Sometimes they end up with too much risk in their investments.  Their lifestyle is at risk if they have a health care crisis, a poor economy, high inflation, or if there is a market crash.

These risks can be managed if we plan in advance.  Having a written retirement financial plan will allow you to plan in advance for the things that can happen in the future that can wreck your retirement.  It gives you the opportunity ahead of time to guarantee your income, so that you can accomplish your goals and enjoy your life in retirement.

Retire How You’ve Dreamed

The two of you have gotten up early and taken your chairs down to the beach. You listen to the waves of the Atlantic lapping against the cool, wet sand. It is dawn and the sky is a clear cobalt blue and the pelicans sail along the horizon. The beauty of the fiery sun rising out of the waters is simply breathtaking! With satisfied sighs, you and your life companion begin another glorious day! Ocean side retirement: days fit for golf or playing on the beach or stretching out in your hammock with a cup of coffee and a good book.

Perhaps this is one of the dream vacations you built into your retirement plan! Or maybe you dreamed about a retirement cottage every day when you were working and, because you planned, now living by the ocean is your constant reality!

Whatever your dream retirement is, whatever your goals for retirement are, most people want a care-free retirement.

My philosophy of retirement planning is to put together a written financial plan that gives you a path to follow. The financial plan first takes into account the circumstance that can interfere with your path to a care-free retirement; then it insures you be financially prepared in advance. It also facilitates determining how much income you will need on a monthly basis in retirement, including fun money! If you have planned wisely, the monthly income you need is guaranteed.

This insures a care-free retirement.



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